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Charity owns d’Zrt Cake Studio
in La Mesa, CA.

Chef Charity – The Sugar Sorceress

is a Celebrity Pastry Chef and Cake Artist based in San Diego, CA.  She specializes in chocolate and sugar art, with particular regard for wedding cakes, as well as specialty and extreme cakes. (Though sometimes wedding cake and extreme cake is redundant…)  She also specializes in baking and cooking for those with food allergies and sensitivities.

Charity’s Full Bio

Intro to Isomalt – NEW Craftsy.com Class by Chef Charity!

Intro to Isomalt - Craftsy.com

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Learn to cook, color and store isomalt as you craft colorful, three-dimensional cake decorations. Charity demystifies this sugar art by demonstrating how to use molds to make realistic rubies or champagne flutes you can actually drink from!

Learn how to make sparkling sugar sculptures by pulling isomalt into glossy bows, flowers and leaves and blowing sugar spheres that can be molded into animal figures or balloons. Charity also shares her sugar-spinning technique to create delicate strands of isomalt, which can be turned into textured decorations, from birds’ nests to candy hair.

As Seen on San Diego Liviving – February 8, 2016


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