Chef Charity – The Sugar Sorceress – is the greatest sugar sorceress in the history of sugar sorceresses. Admittedly, the historical accuracy of this claim is a little… spotty, and it’s not a terribly large group (they could comfortably hold their annual meeting – were they to actually have annual meetings – in a small office, or possibly a large row boat), but that’s not the point! The point is, she is the greatest of them all…

Her classes are sell-out hits across the nation, and she regularly leaves her students grinning from ear to ear.  Oh sure, at first glance that may seem to be a good thing; one might even  think it complimentary. but when you consider that these same students grinning so joyfully, also have cake in their mouth… they smile so big – and inevitably must breath out – cake crumbs and spittle flying all over the place! Let’s be honest: it’s a mess, plain and simple. Disgusting, if you really think about it.

So let’s not! Instead, let’s all make plans to attend Chef Charity’s next class, and see why the Sugar Sorceress is known far and wide for having the best class in the land… and the messiest, but we’re not thinking about that, remember?

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